Our Handcrafted Small Harvest Wines

Podere Erica is a small biodynamic and organic farm in the heart of the Chianti Classico region.  With the tremendous passion and dedication of our winemaker, Marco Giordano, we are committed to producing great-tasting, balanced wines in a manner that preserves the natural characteristics of our grapes and respects our land and environment. 

We are certified organic and all of our 2018 vintages will have the official organic certification label. Our organic and biodynamic practices start in the vineyard (no chemical fertilizers, no chemical pesticides or herbicides, or synthetic products) and then continue into the wine cellar where there are no added chemicals to our wines and they experience natural fermentation.  Of course, we hand-harvest our grapes.

Podere Erica is situated in an ideal wine-growing location within the Toscana IGT - the important geographical denomination from which most of the well-known "Supertuscan" wines come. We are located at an altitude of 1,150 feet with favorable southern exposures, gentle slopes and limestone-clay soil rich in galestro - a soft, clay-like soil that breaks apart easily.

Our wines are named after the native birds found on our property that encompasses our vineyard, olive trees and a small forest.

Il Picchio (Woodpecker) represents our Riserva and is made of our best hand-selected Sangiovese grapes, aged for 18 months in French oak barrels. It is ruby red with a bouquet of ripe cherries, sweet tobacco and violets with a touch of pepper; complex flavors of forest berry, spice and plum with vibrant acidity and ample tannins.

Vintage:  2015

Production: 2,700 bottles of 750ml and 30 bottles of 1500ml

Alcohol: 14.5%

Fermentation:  Spontaneous without added yeasts

Maceration time 90 days with 50% of stems

Aging:  18 months in 500-liter French oak barrel

Filtration:  None

Il Picchio

La Ghiandaia (Blue Jay) is made with 70% Sangiovese and 30% Canaiolo grapes.  It’s slightly spicy ripe red fruit exhibits beautiful acidity that gives freshness and texture with soft and enveloping tannins.  An approachable wine that pairs well with pasta and grilled meats. 

Selected for the 2020 Slow Wine Guide.


Vintage: 2015

Production: 3,250 bottles of 750ml

Alcohol: 13.5%

Fermentation: Spontaneous, without added yeasts

Aging: 18 months in stainless steel or cement tanks

Filtration: None

La Ghiandaia

La Fenice (the Phoenix) is made of 100% Sangiovese grapes that have undergone carbonic maceration in stainless steel, producing a fresh, fruity and easy drinking red wine.

Vintage: 2019

Production: approx. 600 bottles of 750ml

Alcohol: 13%

Fermentation: Spontaneous without added yeasts

Aging: 6 months in stainless steel tank

Filtration: None

La Fenice

Il Cardellino (Goldfinch) is a rosé wine made with 100% early harvest Sangiovese grapes. Fermented in a spherical ceramic vessel without the skins. No sulfites added.

Vintage:  2019

Production: approx. 400 bottles of 750ml

Alcohol: 11.5%

Fermentation:  Spontaneous without added yeasts

Filtration:  None

Il Cardellino

Le Rondini (Swallows) is a compelling orange wine made of 100% Trebbiano grapes. Fermented in a terracotta amphora with long skin contact and aged 6 months in demijohn. No added sulfites.

Vintage: 2019

Production: approx. 300 bottles of 750ml

Alcohol: 12%

Fermentation: Spontaneous, without added yeasts in terracotta amphora

Filtration: None

Le Rondini

Le Colombe (Doves) is our sweet golden wine, made with Muscat grapes which are dried after harvest on straw mats for 70 days to concentrate the grapes’ flavors and sweetness prior to vinification.  It exhibits a hint of honey and apricot. Very small production.

Vintage: 2016

Production: 145 bottles of 375ml

Alcohol: 9%

Drying of Grapes: On mats for 70 days

Fermentation: Spontaneous, without added yeasts

Filtration: None

Le Colombe

Our Certifications and Commendations

Organic Certification

While we have been practicing organic production for years, we finally have received our organic certification. All of our 2018 vintages will have the official organic label.

We have been certified organic by Bioagricert as complying with strict EU regulations as well as those of the USDA.

In accordance with organic principles, we do not use chemical fertilizers, chemical pesticides or herbicides, or any synthetic products in our vineyard.

Slow Wine Prize

Our 2015 vintage La Ghiandaia was awarded the SLOW WINE PRIZE for 2020 and our winery was included in the 2020 Slow Wine Guide.

The SLOW WINE PRIZE is awarded to wines that represent an expression of place, originality, and history. Quality-price ratio is another factor that is considered for this prize.

Slow Wine supports and promotes small-scale Italian winemakers who are using traditional techniques, working with respect for the environment and terroir, and safeguarding the grape varieties that are part of Italy’s heritage.

VinNatur - Natural Wine Association Blind Tasting Award

At the 2018 VinNatur blind tasting event, our 2014 vintage Il Picchio achieved the ranking of #3 Red Wine from amongst all of the participating wineries from Italy.

The VinNatur Association brings together winemakers from around the world who want to defend the integrity of their territory, while respecting the history, culture and art which has been handed down over time. Producing natural wine means respecting the soils, the environment, the natural cycle of life, and eliminating the use of toxic substances, first in the vineyard and then in the cellar.

Podere Erica

Strada Provinciale Castellina in Chianti, 6

Barberino val d'Elsa (FI) Italy

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